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Gus winning at Ascot with Hawkesfield Flyer


Theo Gillard and his younger brother Fergus have both been winners on the first of their racing ponies, Hawkesfield Flyer and Fergus enjoyed considerable success on the second, Veno Star.  Both having ridden the racehorses from an early age, with Fergus schooling from as young as 6 years of age, it was no surprise that both would be keen to race competitively as soon as possible.  They are both now qualified Jockeys, with Theo a full-time Conditional Jockey in the Racing Yard of Donald McCain and Fergus a full-time Category B Amateur Jockey in the Racing Yard of David Pipe.  The still race ride most of our horses and their racing ponies have gone on to win for other Pony Racing jockeys.


The Pony Racing Authority provides young riders with an excellent opportunity to begin race riding from 9 years of age on the Point to Point and Pony Club Racing circuit and from 12 years of age via the Racecourse series.


Their ponies, Hawkesfield Flyer, Veno Star and Tincho enabled them to complete at the 148cms and 138cms level respectively.  During 2018 Season Aly Geldard also trained her pony, Minnie, who went on to win for her and other Jockeys after her.  Aly Geldard is now in Full-Time employment training to be an Apprentice Jockey in the Racing Yard of Charlie Fellows.


We are extremely proud of all of our Pony Racing Graduates and their Ponies - Success is our Goal at Hawkes Field Farm, irrespective of the size of horse.

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