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Mark and Pippa have been around horses all their lives and with Pippa's background in international polo, they bring a unique set of skills and experience to the business of training winners.


Mark's philosophy is simple: happy horses perform more effectively than unhappy ones and so the routine at Hawksfield Farm is geared towards ensuring mental wellbeing as well as physical fitness. Keeping horses interested in the job is a constant challenge; Mark believes that if you can achieve a state where horses actively look forward to working each morning then the business of transferring the required enthusiasm to the track becomes a whole lot easier.


But it is not just the horses that need to be kept happy; the often overlooked owner is a vital part of the equation. Mark is passionate about making the business of owning racehorses an enjoyable and hopefully rewarding experience. Ownership can be an unpredictable activity at the best of times and that is why Mark ensures that owners receive direct and timely updates about running plans, performance and any other aspect affecting their horse. Whether the news is good or bad, with Mark and Pippa you can guarantee that you will never be kept in the dark.


Mark Gillard Racing has great support and we are grateful for our official sponsor, which is the family business Ascot Park Polo Club.


You can contact Mark and Pippa at the address below or via the website link. Whether you are interested in sole or ownership or a horse in partnership, Mark and Pippa would love to hear from you.

Hawkes Field Farm
DT11 0DN

TEL: 01258 881111
Mob: 07970 700 605
Email: mark@thegillards.co.uk

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Email: office@markgillardracing.com

Telephone: 01258 881111

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